Tasso Theater in Sorrento

The Tasso theater is located in the center of Sorrento, near the renowned Piazza Tasso.
Its name comes from the italian poet and writer Torquato Tasso who was born in Sorrento on March 11, 1554.

Thanks to its elegance, the theater offers an ideal setting for your events. The amplitude and versatility of the spaces are just some of the benefits of this place. In addition to the elegant interiors, you will be enchanted by the charming and panoramic terrace overlooking the splendid Gulf of Sorrento, embracing the majestic Vesuvius. From the terrace you can also admire the hotel that hosted the famous Neapolitan tenor, Enrico Caruso in the last moments of his life. Lucio Dalla, a famous songwriter, was a guest in the same room of the hotel where the tenor had stayed and it is said to have found his inspiration for composing one of his most famous songs: Caruso

In the list of things to do in Sorrento, a visit to the Tasso theater is a must as to see the Sorrento Musical, a unique show  that has been on stage for almost 20 years at the Tasso Theater! You will be overwhelmed by the magic of the best neapolitan songs and dances like the tarantella, folk dance known all over the world.