Shows Outdoor

The Tasso Theater opens the doors to the outside: the performers with their skills will be glad to entertain your guests in special events such as ceremonies, conferences, gala dinners and other special occasions.
Stages of other theaters, squares, cruise ships, or hotel and restaurants  will be enchanted by the warmth of the melodies of the traditional Neapolitan music and the Tarantella rhythm, as is it happens every evening at the Tasso theater with the Sorrento Musical show.
There are many proposals and combinations. The gallery presents the character of “Pazziariello”, and  the “Posteggia “(live enterateinment from 1 to 4 orchestral) accompanied by dancers (1 or more couple) until you can get a show from 30 minutes up. The wide repertoire makes that, depending on the needs, the show lasts for 30 to 120 minutes and it is offered in various artistic combinations.

Posteggia & Pazzariello


This Musical performance was typically held by Neapolitan artists in banquets, ceremonies and wherever their presence was required in order to cheer the different events.

Their repertoire was mostly made up of popular Neapolitan songs and music performed with guitars, mandolins and voice.

This show is revived in various combinations by the artists of Teatro Tasso:

• just musicians: the number of components ranging from two to four musicians who play guitar, mandolin and accordion;

• show with musicians and dancers of the Tarantella: the number of musicians varies from two to four while the pairs of dancers varies from three to five.


Another character who fits perfectly in the show is the “Pazzariello”.

Character of the Neapolitan theater, the predecessor of the carousels and commercials, is a direct heir of the heralds of the Middle Ages. He drew from authors such as Eduardo Scarpetta, Eduardo de Filippo and the great Raffaele Viviani. The inauguration of a new store, the start of a promotional campaign, the arrival of new products were announced by this character who staged, in every alley, an impromptu show.

The Pazzariello is proposed in the Teatro Tasso flamboyant dress of the great admiral, and cocked hat with frogs: holding the scepter and is accompanied by classical musicians. Joyfully welcomes guests with its wealth of popular sayings, proclamations, jokes and songs.